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Default Re: Men prefer curvy women to size 0s (article)

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
Grazia editor Jane Bruton, said the poll showed that modern men and women were traditional at heart. "It's reassuring that men come down on the right side of the Size Zero debate, preferring us to be a normal weight and able to enjoy ourselves rather than worry what's on our dinner plate.

"On the other hand, we were surprised to discover that men are still very conservative...Despite the huge changes in society, when it comes to the simple art of attraction, we are all a lot more traditional than we'd like to think."

It is only because there is such a colossal disparity between the "media world," and the real world, that such findings are considered "surprising" at all.

Over the past several decades, media values have spiralled downwards into undisguised socialism, while human values, and the human heart, have remained the same.

In the Western world, the majority of society has grown increasingly alienated from its own media culture--a culture that has been imposed from above by cabals of like-minded ideological zealots, bent on social engineering.

This Grazia survey reveals that the essence of humanity remains unchanged. That is why "timeless beauty" is, in fact, timeless.

Of course men long for women who are plus-size rather than stick-thin; whose figures are naturally full rather than misshapen by artificially-injected substances; and who are seductively attractive, yet chaste and virtuous.

Despite all modern media brainwashing to the contrary, most men are simply looking for someone to take care of; someone who needs them; someone with a soft, gentle sensuality; someone who is a little vulnerable, a little spoiled, and sweetly self-indulgent; someone who feels safe with them.

In a 1989 People magazine article about the then-recent nuptials of Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney, Delta described how, during their courtship, McRaney constantly took her out for lavish dinners, bought her expensive roses, and otherwise pampered her. When asked what she did for him in return, she responded: "I enjoy it."

It was the perfect answer, and it sheds light on why many women, to the delight of their beaux, rapidly become more curvaceous once they enter into a relationship (as Delta did). It is a sign of trust. It testifies that a goddess is no longer pursuing someone else's standard of appearance--i.e., the artificial media standard--but is comfortably adopting the fuller-figured ideal that is more natural for her, and that her beloved holds in his heart.

Note also the point about "floral dresses." How interesting to have it confirmed that men do prefer women who wear feminine fashions. Again, this testifies to the yawning gulf between the media's distortion of the world, and the world in which we actually live. The fashion industry may be dominated by individuals with alien tastes who believe in modern androgyny, but humanity still responds to expressions of essential gender identity, and men will inevitably be most attracted to women who look and behave in a truly feminine manner.

New Torrid gift card (note the feminine styling), demonstrating that despite a media-imposed stigma to the contrary, visibly soft and full thighs are irresistible attributes of womanly beauty:

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