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Default Re: ''Is skinny going out of style?'' (article)

This article is worth reading. It's also republished at the following URL, if the first one vanishes at some pont:

Some other significant points include the fact that Nicole Richie weighed a ridiculous 85 lbs when she was arrested a few days ago, while "Ana Carolina Reston, died in a Sao Paulo hospital from complications of anorexia. She was 5 feet 8 and weighed 88 pounds"

That's right, the model who died weighed three pounds more than Richie. Hollywood and fashion are literally promoting a look that kills.

No magazine should be allowed to present this kind of anorexia-inducing celebrity in a positive way. Underweight actresses should be banned just as surely as underweight models are in Madrid. Just as the FAA has cracked down on indecency in the media, it should definitely crack down on this, as anorex-chic does even more harm to women, and to the culture as a whole.

Also, the article notes one of the major problems with the media.
"Celebrities are bashed for being "f**" think Mariah Carey or Alicia Silverstone when they may still be pounds thinner than the average American."

Any "entertainment writer" who tries to publish such a story should be fired, and the stories shouldn't get published in any magazines. If actresses, models, etc. become curvier, they should be applauded for it. That would still satisfy the media's publicity demands, and send a positive rather than a destructive message to society.

One last crucial quote:

"I've been to shows in New York where the girls are ridiculously thin," said Tod Hallman, a stylist who often works with designer Kevan Hall. "You almost do yourself a disservice because people can't get past how frightfully bony the girls are."

Bingo. Finally someone admits the truth. The old excuse that models can't be curvy because "curves distract from the clothing" is a LIE. In truth, it's emaciation that distracts from the clothing.

No one is talking about designers' fashions today. People are only talking about how grotesquely starved the models look. That's distraction. But when plus-size models appear in the media (e.g., Crystal Renn for Gaultier), people do talk about the fashions they're wearing (if those fashions are feminine and attractive).

Plus-size models are better for society, and they're better for business too.
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