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Default Re: Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

This pretty blouse features the polka dot, a detail often found in feminine attire.

Little dots have been applied to fabrics for decoration since antiquity. But they found their most vivid resurgence in the 19th century through a probable homage to the folk dance that took both Europe and North America by storm at the time--the polka.

The polka dance originated in the Bohemia region in the current-day Czech Republic. As the region was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the music and dance form spread to the German and Hungarian-speaking populations and then to North America during the waves of immigration. The Viennese Romantic composers Johann Strauss and son wrote scores for the dance, many of which are still performed to today.

One of the polka's most popular features was the manner in which the dance, like the waltz, allowed flirtatious yet still gracious contact between men and women.

And many dancers, then and now, enjoyed wearing traditional dress while performing, dress which is still most flattering to women's natural figures.

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