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Default Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...

The latest Kohl's flyer featuring another beautiful image of Barbara that's worth sharing here, showing Barbara with a wickedly delicious grin:

It's nice that the company makes an occasional contribution to size celebration this way. If they are going to feature at least one plus-size model from time to time, Barbara is this ideal choice. mber%3d8

I'd also like to mention another image from Nordstrom this season that hasn't come up here before. I don't generally care for plain white shirts, as they're a little too much like "menswear," but what makes this picture so remarkable is Barbara's exciting expression. She looks so vain, even haughty here, the way only someone who knows she's the world's most desirable model can look. And she's right to feel that way. I always find these poses inspiring and thrilling.

I wish ever full-figured woman could imbibe some of Barbara's confidence.
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