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Default Re: The end of catwalk androgyny? (article)

Originally Posted by vargas
I think a major obstacle are anorexics themselves. Many who suffer from the illness presently, or have in the past, refuse to acknowledge the very powerful and pervasive influence that the media has had on their disease, specifically images of modern androgyny. Many will attribute their problem to everything under the sun BUT the most obvious thing - the fashion/beauty industry.

I think that's exactly right, and it's so glaringly true, that I am amazed no one acknowledges this. After all, the whole problem of anorexia is the fact that its victims have a severely distorted view of the femal body. Mis-perceiving the natural size of women is the crux of their illness. By definition, the one thing that they cannot assess accturately is emaciated media imagery, because they don't recognize starvation when they see it.

Of course they can't acknowledge the problem of anorexic media imagery, being anorexic themselves. If they can't see their own starvation, how can they see it in others?
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