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Default Hayley Hasselhoff

A few months ago, at the premier of the Adam Sandler film Click (which also starred David Hasselhoff), fans were astonished to see Mr. Hasselhoff accompanied on the red carpet by an extraordinarily pretty young woman.

She was a timeless beauty of the first order, with soft, round facial features, butter-blonde hair, azure eyes, and a fair complexion. She also effortlessly generated pouty, supermodel-like expressions for the paparazzi.

Not only that, but--in a unheard-of example of true beauty existing in Hollywood--she exhibited a naturally curvaceous figure.

What's more, her wardrobe was a shining example of the New Femininity. She was styled in such a way as to make the most of her soft beauty, with a vanilla shrug (ideally complimenting her fair tresses) covering a chocolate-brown dress exhibiting lovely decolletage, accessorized with a pretty necklace.

The dress adorned her figure perfectly. The overall effect was to show the world a youthful example of just the sort of timeless femininity that Hollywood usually prevents the public from seeing.

Now, if you were to say that "This young girl is so pretty, and such a perfect example of the Torrid generation, that she should be a plus-size model," you would be absolutely right.

And since the Torrid crew are eager proponents of size celebration, they have worked their special magic, and have enlisted the services of this young lady--who turned out to be Hayley Hasselhoff, the actor's 17-year-old younger daughter--to showcase their curve-friendly fashions.

You can see examples of Hayley's Torrid work at the following URLs:

- Pink hoodie
- Red floral lace-bottom top
- Green unicorn hoodie
- Blue lace-bottom top
- Black cardigan
- Black white-dot headband
- Black-and-red headband

She does a very nice job in these images, and is obviously a natural in front of the cameras. Hayley is talented and photogenic, and it is wonderful to see Torrid find another young Hollywood celebrity who is attractive and fuller-figured, and present her beauty to the world.

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