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Default Prettier than any Baywatch girl

Thinking of her father's TV shows, I also have to say that Hayley is much prettier, much more attractive in a natural (yet glamorous) way, than any of the synthetic creations who appeared on the Baywatch programs. It's amazing to see such an enchanting example of Old World beauty in a Hollywood context. I hope Hayley has the confidence never to succumb to any of the terrible, beauty-destorying things that so many girls do to themselves in L.A., but retains her curvaceous feminine look.

The Torrid pictures are very nice (pink is a terrific colour on Hayley, and that black white-dot headband exhibits '50s glamour), but I just adore that kittenish pout she had in those red-carpet photos. It's quite sophisticated. And I agree that her wardrobe styling for the Click premiere was gorgeous.
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