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Default Christina: A touch of the Orient

Torrid has just released two new stunning images of Christina in Kimono tops, and she look absolutely lovely in them. This is quickly becoming Christinas best Torrid shoot ever.

Between the two, I like the red style best, just because I like color, and also because the red plays off Christinas dark hair in such a pretty way. You can barely tell in the picture, but apparently the top has gold metallic pinstripes, which is a killer touch.

I love her warm smile in that picture. I can still hardly believe that this pretty model can just as easily do the kind of ultra-steamy looks that she showed in her Fadil test.

Here is the black version. Very beautiful as well:

The cinch tie below the bust makes this such a great design, giving an otherwise loose garment some shape.

Christina makes these tops look so stylish. Gorgeous pictures.
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