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Default Re: Christina: A touch of the Orient

The point about the horrors of the high-waist belt is warranted. It is an absurd fashion development, and one can easily imagine how this same blouse with a belt situated lower, around the hips, would offer a far more attractive and womanly look.

Nevertheless, the belt is undoubtedly removable, and taken by itself, the blouse is extraordinarily pretty. Dressed in this lovely, girlish top, Christina appears as the very promise of springtime, even as we fall into winter's grasp. And for those who are scouting for "resort-wear" for vacations in warmer climes, nothing could be better. Try to imagine this photograph in the setting of a lush formal garden, in which Christina's beauty would be matched by the splendour of the natural landscape around her.

Turning to Torrid's East Asian-inspired items, we see further proof that styling is all in the details. Note the remarkable earrings that Christina wears with this kimono dress. They add to the mystique of the outfit, and might even themselves be an Oriental design. (One should never forget the benefits of matching accessories thematically, as well as aesthetically.) Christina adopts a fittingly mature, sophisticated expression, to complete the look.

Kimono dresses are not necessarily the most obvious choices for adorning the fuller female figure, but they do have their own charm. Christina's current dark hairstyle matches the traditional jet-black tresses of the women in the lands where these styles originated, and, as the following image shows, her hair colour compliments the black accents of this dress particularly well.

One of the benefits of dressing in vibrant hues is that a fair complexion will catch some of the colour of the outfit, as seen below. Also, the strong contrast between the hair and the shade of the top creates a dramatic effect. Furthermore, the carefully-arranged freedom of the hairstyle (that is not a contradiction in terms) is especially eye-catching.

As Melanie noted, these kimono tops are appealing in that they are comfortable, yet still exhibit a touch of sensuality, with the agreeably close fit at the bust. By wearing a top with a slightly lower neckline, as Christina is, the piece attractively frames the neck and shoulder area--which, on voluptuous vixens (free as they are of visible clavicles), is a chastely seductive physical feature.

And finally, let's employ a tight close-up to illustrate an important point about models and the benefits of youth. We have all heard the popular phrase: "Don't waste the pretty." Part of the genius of Torrid is that it capitalizes on this principle, and doesn't wait for its gorgeous plus-size models to accumulate years upon years of tear sheets, but instead features these precocious talents as a blossoming age, when they have so much natural perfection, that no artificial media manipulation is necessary. The camera simply points and clicks, and presto--flawless beauty, such as no anorexic waifs can ever dream of possessing.

These images of Christina Schmidt should further persuade her countless fans, and plus-size girls everywhere, that they can be gorgeous and stylish at a comfortable, natural size, and that instead of wasting their time and money on methods of starvation and torture, they can devote their resources to adoring their curvaceous beauty in the best possible manner.

After all, a belief in her own beauty is the best gift that any voluptuous vixen can ever receive.

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