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Originally Posted by kirsten
I have a newfound respect for David Hasselhoff for his parenting skills. Hollywood is a harsh place to raise a child but it looks as if he has made an effort to protect Hayley from the weight hysteria that is rampant in the entertainment industry, and has encouraged her to be her natural self.

This is even truer than one might think. Torrid's own Michael Anthony kindly sent us the following photo showing the photographer with the Knight Rider himself. Apparently, Mr. Hasselhoff accompanied Hayley to this shoot, and even spent some time at Torrid HQ. His support for his daughter as a plus-size model is extremely encouraging.

Michael Anthony tells us that Hayley "is actually around Christina's height. Gorgeous girl and very very nice in person."

How nice to see the industry accepting more girls whose height is closer to the norm than that of most straight-size models. The compliment about Hayley's personality suggests that she has avoided the pernicious influence of Hollywood both in terms of character, as well as in terms of beauty.

It would be wonderful to see Hayley achieve a great career as a plus-size model. She obviously has both the looks, and the talent--and the name doesn't hurt either!

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