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Default Re: Christina: A touch of the Orient

This trend towards Oriental fashions is timely. Just the other day, there was an article about actress Gong Li defending the wardrobe in the new Chinese period film in which she stars, called Curse of the Golden Flower. Apparently, the clothing shows off the contours of her non-waif figure, leading to the typical sort of curve-o-phobia from media types. However, according to the paper,
"Gong Li has defended the movie's wardrobe design, saying the costumes were faithful to the fashion of the Tang dynasty, during which the film is set: 'They show the beauty of a woman's curves.'"

So there is a tradition of East Asian fashion celebrating the fuller figure. Mind you, that beauty is even more apparent when the model showcasing the fashions has truly luscious curves, as Christina does.

These Torrid pictures, and the fashions, are all gorgeous.
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