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Default Re: Chloe Agnew in white

Just an FYI, Chloe (and the other members of Celtic Woman) appeared on The Megan Mullally Show today (Dec 22). Anyone who gets this show later in the broadcast day might still be able to catch it. The Celtic Woman performance is about 40 min. into the one-hour program, 20 min. before the end, so you dont have to watch the whole show to see it. They performed the Christmas song, "Let It Snow."

Chloe looked gorgeous, in a black gown that (although it was a bit too formless) make her look truly lovely, as it was strapless, leaving her shoulders bare. It reminded me very much of the dress that Charlotte Coyle wore on Make Me a Supermodel Extra - so much so, that I honestly believe Chloe is taking styling tips from Charlotte. If so, thats a wonderful idea - one curvy Irish goddess being inspired by another.
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