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Default Quotes from the ''sexy food goddess''

Some nice sentiments, but the article still seems to be advocating mere acceptance rather than full-fledged celebration.

For a more liberated sensibility, let me excerpt two delightful quotes from a new Sunday Times profile of "sexy food goddess" Nigella Lawson:,00.html

The article is wonderful because it openly acknowledges how irresistible men find it when Ms. Lawson - or any voluptuous vixen - speaks openly and unapologetically about her love of food. Two quotations from Nigella stand out in particular:
I always know when a man loves me, if he loves my legs. Not muscular. Wide knees. I dont have a muscle anywhere on my body. Not anywhere.
That is as perfect an expression of preference for soft, timeless femininity over modern androgyny as any I've ever heard.

But the article includes another quote as well, and this may perhaps be the most seductive statement that any goddess has ever spoken:
I am greedy. I always like the thought of eating more.
To be able to use that forbidden phrase with such relish indicates a breathtaking degree of freedom from modernist brainwashing. Let's hope that her words inspire many other curvy girls to enjoy a similar sense of liberation, at this festive of year.
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