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Default Re: Italy bans underweight models

I wonder if the fashion industry realizes just how popular, just how welcome, the introduction of plus-size models would be. It would boost sales tremendously, and give designers a whole new market- to say nothing of the cultural and social good it would do.

It's a change (or rather, a change back) whose time has come.

You see evidence of it everywhere. I read a review of last year's TV season the other day,

and the writer had this to say about America's Next Top Model:

10. "America's Next Top Model" -- It pains me to put Tyra Banks' CW network show on my Bottom 10 list, but the catwalk has strutted downhill. The contestants are lackluster and textbook catty. Hit the snooze button!...Too bad most of the models have been forgettable recently. And not since Cycle 5 with Diane have we seen a plus-size model in the running. I think "Top Model" should devote a season to models size 14 and up -- that'll get America watching the runway again.
So true! The plus-size models are always the most popular- on the rare occasions when they're ever seen. Not only would the use of "models size 14 and up" make this TV show popular, but it would make the fashion industry as a whole more popular as well.

ALL designers should use professional models size 14 and up. They would look better, would show the clothes better, and would create a more enthusiastic clientele. Hopefully, the news out of Italy means that such a change is finally on the way.
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