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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: Night Moves

Fans of Kailee O'Sullivan may have noted a widely-distributed article about recent initiatives to push the starting times of high-school classes later in the day. The article led with a quotation from none other than Kailee herself:

Like many Oceanside [H.S., NY] students, Kailee O'Sullivan thinks there would be less nodding off in classes if her high school adopted a proposal to move back its opening time by 40 minutes.

"I'm not a morning person at all," said the 17-year-old senior. "When I get up early, I just can't focus."

This delightful aspect of Kailee's personality associates her with timeless beauties past and present, who have always been renowned for sleeping late in the day (to the immense delight of their admirers). Christina Schmidt's fans were extremely enthusiastic over the following comments that she made in one of her interviews. When asked about how she enjoyed a photo shoot, she responded,

CS: Well, whenever I have to wake up earlier than, I think, one o'clock, it's kind of hectic. [laughing]

HSG: Is that your usual wake-up time?

CS: Between twelve, one…sometimes pushing to two.

Goddesses of beauty have ever been adored for their pampered qualities, and in fact, in paintings throughout history, they are most frequently depicted in states of languid repose, this testifying to the innate indolence that is perhaps their most captivating trait.

All of this is a long way of introducing a new campaign starring Miss O'Sullivan, for a company called (fittingly enough) "Night Moves Prom."

With the coming of the new year, another prom season will soon be upon us, and this campaign provides a marvellous entry point. These images demonstrate that if Kailee has not yet become fuller-figured, at least she remains visibly curvaceous, and thus, does a marvellous job of showcasing this company's attractive gowns.

Kailee's magnificent tresses add immeasurably to her appeal, and these images, showing her hair billowing like the mane of a Pre-Raphaelite angel, may be the best argument yet in favour of goddesses wearing their hair long--very long:

Prom is the time of year for curvaceous girls, the specific event when their aesthetic advantages over their underweight rivals are most apparent. No starving waif could ever look as gorgeous as a well-fed beauty like Kailee does, in strapless, sleeveless styles such as these:

Not only are Kailee's poses as dramatic and thrilling as ever, but one must compliment Night Moves for producing some truly exceptional prom designs for generous female figures. These dresses take full advantage of plus-size beauty. Shoulder-baring and arm-baring styles abound. But best of all, many of these gowns exhibit a seductive feature that few plus-size dresses have ever displayed before: they are cut appealingly low in the back, thereby showing off an intoxicating expanse of the wearer's figure.

This design feature is sure to make any voluptuous vixen who wears such a gown the indisputed belle of the ball, and win her the heart of every waif's boyfriend in the room:

Kailee makes even some of the company's less-impressive styles seem appealing. Her facial features exhibit soft, rounded beauty,

and her brilliant poses mix a heady dose of sensuality and self-assurance with a touch of youthful innocence.

This Night Moves campaign also merits praise for showing potential prom-goers what good fit is all about. Nothing is as visually off-putting as the sight of a too-loose gown, which deprives the wearer of her shape. But a properly snug fit, one that embraces the wearer's contours as closely as possible, can turn even a conservative gown into a thing of beauty.

Still, a prom-goer's greatest fashion accessories are those that she already possesses--such as the long tresses that tumble down her back, and occasionally sweep away during the dance (causing her prom date to grow dizzy with admiration); or her curvaceous figure itself; or even the winsome smile that she wears, radiating her supreme delight in her own being:

A reader of this forum has kindly informed us that Kailee's prom campaign is advertised in various seasonal magazines, such as Your Prom and Cosmogirl Prom, and that said ads show her wearing what is certainly our own favourite from among the Night Moves styles (the most regal design, the one most evocative of "artistocratic chic")--the opulent ballgown featured below. The waist is rather too stiff, but the strapless style is appealing, and the elegant, ornate skirt utterly breathtaking:

You can peruse all of these styles, and many others, via the link at the foot of the post. The plus-size dresses appear at the end of the site's horizontal menu, so the link connects to the end pages, from which you may scroll backwards, to see other designs (and more gorgeous images of Kailee).

- Night Moves Prom

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