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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: Night Moves

Originally Posted by HSG
This delightful aspect of Kailee's personality associates her with timeless beauties past and present, who have always been renowned for sleeping late in the day...Goddesses of beauty have ever been adored for their pampered qualities, and in fact, in paintings throughout history, they are most frequently depicted in states of languid repose, this testifying to the innate indolence that is perhaps their most captivating trait.

Thinking in terms of fashion-magazine layouts, this gives me an idea for an intimate-apparel editorial - a shoot showing a model being served...breakfast in bed? I think I remember a similar scene in an Anita Ekberg film. It would be very pretty (and anti-diet in the extreme!).

Kailee looks gorgeous in the pictures. This is some of her best work ever. And I adore many of these gowns, especially the ones with the fuller skirts. I am especially pleased to see the open-back style becoming popular. At last! Ive been hoping to see more of this in plussize fashion for years. The open back, cut low, is a perfect way to make a dress very seductive, but in a really innocent and tasteful sort of way. I can hardly think of a design element that would be more flattering for curvy girls.
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