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Default Kelsey Olson: Teen Prom editorial

Continuing our coverage of the forthcoming promenade season, (and thanks to a tip from one of the forum's readers,) we are delighted to announce that Kelsey Olson appears in a prom editorial in the 2007 issue of Teen Prom magazine.

This is an accomplishment of the highest order. Although prom publications occasionally feature full-figured models in ads, to see a plus-size model featured in the editorial pages of such a magazine is virtually unheard of. And how delightful that Teen Prom magazine gave this honour not to a faux-plus waif, but to a model who is genuinely full-figured--and gorgeous.

Kelsey's editorial is, regrettably, an amalgamation of six images compressed into two pages. (It should certainly have been a six-page spread.) The backgrounds are also plain white, whereas an elegant setting, such as a lush botanical garden (in the manner of a bridal editorial), or an opulent 19th-century building (as per Dress Barn's Winter 2006 campaign), would have enhanced the images considerably.

Nevertheless, Miss Olson looks utterly ravishing here, and her beauty alone is enough to make this a memorable spread. The first page shows Kelsey in three light-coloured styles:

Click to enlarge

The dresses vary in appeal, but Kelsey's beauty is remarkable, and her posing technique all the more exemplary when we consider each segment in the triptychs, one at a time.

The following image shows a particularly attractive (and new) expression from Miss Olson, a steamy, languishing look. The dress, with its thin straps, displays the soft fullness of the model's shoulders; the flower in the hair is an irresistibly feminine touch; and the hairstyle (falling over one eye--an enchanting look) accentuates the model's alluringly languid, indolent demeanour.

In the central panel, the model's seductively passive gaze allows the viewer to look deep into her aquamarine eyes. The gently pursed lips create a neutral expression that showcases the perfect roundness of the model's lovely facial features. The absence of a visible clavicle creates a smooth look around the model's neck and shoulder area, ideally framed by the dress.

To vary the effect, the model's expression in the third panel evokes fun rather than mystery, reminding viewers that prom is still a time of youthful play, as well as an event of intense emotional investment. Kelsey exhibits that most attractive of facial features here, the "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat," and the fairy-tale waves of her tresses add a dash of elegance and romantic fantasy to the overall look.

Kelsey's second Teen Prom page shows her in darker and somewhat more mature styles.

Click to enlarge

The standout image in this triptych is the right panel, which shows off the luscious contours of the model's figure, and focusses the viewer's attention on Kelsey's soft, shapely arms. The flower in the hair, and the falling-over-the-eye hairstyle, create the same feminine effect that we saw in the berry dress (above), but here, Kelsey's more dramatic expression evokes a vixenish quality.

And finally, for the relatively sober black dress, Kelsey appropriately adopts a restrained expression, but one in which her softer side emerges. Again, the gently pursed lips allow her face to exhibit its natural roundness, and her hypnotically soothing blue eyes stand out prominently (along with her fair hair, and lips) as the sole elements of colour in a generally monchromatic look.

As far as we know, these are Kelsey's first editorial tear sheets, and no model could ask for a better first magazine layout than a prom spread. These images also generate even greater anticipation among fans for the day when Miss Olson will shoot a bridal campaign--hopefully in suitably elegant, opulent settings--in which the attire, the location, and the model herself will all exhibit timeless beauty in perfect harmony, and bring to life the superior aesthetic of a bygone era--reviving it for the modern day, and creating a longing in present-day society for its return.

(You may click on the two tear-sheet scans to view them at a larger size.)

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