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Default Re: ''Curvy, fuller legs'' more attractive (study)

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
The study. . .concealed the faces of 50 female celebrities. . .Surprisingly, highly paid fashion icon Kate Moss only received 1% of men's votes for best legs, despite being well known for her model pins. . .An expected favourite, Julia Roberts famous for those Pretty Women legs, only received 3% of the vote from women

"Surprisingly"? Not at all. The only reason why celebrities with shrivelled figures and stick-thin limbs, like Moss and most of the Hollywood A-list, are regarded as attractive is because the media insists that they are. Human instinct is to follow what is perceived to be the majority opinion (even if it isn't the majority opinion at all, but is merely presented as such, by the entertainment press).

How telling that in this case, when the celebrities' faces were obscured, and the survey's participants appraised their appearance objectively, the underweight models and actresses were regarded as unattractive, while the fuller-figured celebrities were judged to have more appealing figures. This reveals the difference between the artificial modern standard and true, timeless beauty. The former is merely a media hoax, while the latter is genuine.

If Kate Moss were seen in the street by passers-by who didn't recognize her, and appraised her as an ordinary person, they would consider her underweight and unattractive. By contrast, if they passed, say, Shannon Marie in the street, they would immediately be awestruck by her beauty, and would deem her the loveliest women whom they had ever seen, regardless of whether they knew that she was a plus-size model or not.

As for legs per se, it is not at all surprising that men and women find naturally shapely, fuller female legs more attractive. It is also worth remembering what Nigella Lawson noted about her legs, in an article that was recently posted on this forum:

"I always know when a man loves me, if he loves my legs. Not muscular. Wide knees. I donít have a muscle anywhere on my body. Not anywhere."

It is the soft, curvaceous shape that feminine legs acquire through natural fullness, not through gym torture, that creates the most appealing look.

This identifies yet another aesthetic advantage that plus-size models have over their underweight rivals.

Lizzie Miller (Wilhelmina, size 14/16) modelling "Catholic schoolgirl chic," for Macy's:

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