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Default Re: Professional eye vs. public eye

Originally Posted by HSG
For whatever reason, (because of their own prolonged exposure to fashion imagery, or because of the personality type that prevails in this career avenue,) women who are professionally involved in fashion do not, themselves, experience the same relief-effect from plus-size imagery that the public does.

The implications of this conclusion are considerable. Here, finally, is evidence that fashion-industry professionals view models' images in a different way than the public does. This could explain many things, and in reference to the plus-size fashion industry specifically, it might explain why so few companies create truly size-positive imagery.

While the public keeps asking for images that show models looking visibly full-figured, many of professionals who create and select fashion photography don't see the beauty of such pictures. Where the public sees beauty, the professionals see models looking "too curvy." This is a real problem.

The fashion professionals might want to consider that they are creating their imagery not for themselves, but for a market, and that if they want to reach this market, it's more important to consider what the public sees when they view fashion photographs, than what the creators do.

Dr. Dittmar's work is consistently brilliant. She's asking the right questions - the questions no one else seems willing to ask - and her conclusions keep overturning anti-plus myths. I only wish her work was getting more attention. It turns up occasionally, in news outlets (like the following), but it's not getting anything like the publicity that the weight "epidemic" stories keep receiving.
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