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Default Re: The opposition revealed

The answer to what this designer thinks "we must eliminate" is obvious: goddesses who exhibit plus-size beauty. She knows that they are the only actual threat to the dictatorship of skinniness that she and her fellow designers have instituted.

Her absurd "liberation" argument is perverse Orwellian doublethink. In fact, straight-size fashion is about the exact opposite of liberation: it is about restriction, limitation, and imprisoment.

This designer's world-view would have women restrict their enjoyment of life, and limit themselves to the prison of 9-to-5 jobs (dressed, no doubt, in straightjacket-like androgynous suits).

By contrast, the timeless notion of femininity truly liberates women to enjoy life to the fullest. It is about freedom, in every sense. Freedom to eat whatever they want, freedom to enjoy themselves, freedom spend time with their families, freedom to relax.

And how ridiculous that this designer invokes the notion of "hero" to refer to malnourished models. They are the exact opposite. A hero inspires. A hero ennobles. A hero does not cause personal misery and despair.

There is nothing "heroic" about being emaciated, any more than it would be "heroic" to deliberately contract a disease.

In fact, it is plus-size models who are truly heroic -- not only because of their epic beauty, but also because they go against the grain, bravely defying media conventions, and being true to themselves.

In her Irish Amerca profile, Kate Dillon identified part of her reason for becoming a full-figured model as "Not wanting to be the 'socially-conditioned conformist'." It's so true. After all, what is more heroic:
-blindly following media standards, marching in lock-step with society, and dutifully conforming to designers' dictates (even at the cost of one's looks and health), like a puppet on a string (the way emaciated models do),
-boldly challening those regulations, being true to yourself, freely following your desires, and striking out an independent path (in the manner of plus-size goddesses)?
Timeless beauty will yet liberate women from the tyranny of modernity.
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