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Default Re: The opposition revealed

Ms. Rykiel's comments are very revealing. As many of us have known for a long time, the fashion industry does not exist to celebrate and encourage expression of femininity. Rather, it tries to mold everyone into a false standard that most people (if they would be honest) do not even find attractive. And it does this while screaming "SHAME on you!" if you are not Mary-Kate Olsen thin.

Against my better judgment (I try to avoid fashion magazines, as I have past problems with anorexia and they bring up old body-image issues), I opened a copy of Glamour at the office. There, I found a feature article about Liv Tyler, who by any sane person's standards is very thin. It seems the article was holding her up as an ideal of beauty that doesn't fit into the typical Hollywood-skinny mold. These magazines always claim they "celebrate YOUR body!" and give lip service to the idea of accepting yourself as you are in articles like this. But their idea of "plus-size" is women like Liv, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, all still very thin - and their advertisements and fashion layouts still feature the stick-thin anorexic models.

I am so tired of the hypocrisy of the fashion industry. Hopefully, people will wake up soon. Haven't enough young girls died yet?
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