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Default Model "heavy and happy"

Normally, this news item would not qualify as a post on this forum, because its about a faux-plus model. However, it is such a positive piece that I consider it well worth sharing:

Here is the relevant portion:

Jen 'heavy and happy'
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It seems Jen couldn't be happier with her now size 14 figure. When she appeared on Five's Make Me A Supermodel last year, Jen Hunter was constantly told she was too heavy to be a catwalk model.

However, the curvy star has ignored her critics and has confessed she is heavier - and happier - than ever.

She told Closer magazine: "I now weigh 11st 7lbs which is the heaviest I've ever been. But I couldn't be happier with my size 14 figure, and I'm getting more modelling jobs than I ever did as a size 10."

The blonde said she has been a size 6 after her daughter was born - but says she was very unhappy.

I love this story because it is an all-too-rare example of a model coming out and saying how much happier she is after gaining weight. At 161 pounds, she is still very thin. But its no surprise that she feels better about herself this way. Allowing herself to eat whatever she likes, and as much as she likes, she is surely enjoying life more, and she undoubtedly looks better too. Its a win-win situation.

Make Me a Supermodel, by the way, is the Brit equivalent of Americas Next Top Model (Charlotte Coyle once made an appearance on the program as a celebrity guest), so this would be like one of the faux-plus contestants on ANTM gaining two dress sizes and saying how much happier they are, and how much better about themselves they feel, at the larger size.

I actually dont mind the terms "heavy" and "heavier" as words for full-figured, although some people arent keen on them. They convey a feeling of fullness, roundness, substance. They feel good.
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