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Default School, students, and misplaced priorities

The new school year is about to begin, bringing with it more appalling news about the deteriorating quality of education in North America.

According to a new report, SAT scores, which have been in free-fall for years, are now at an abysmal, all-time low, as noted here:

An excerpt:

American students graduating from high school this year scored a 13-year low in reading ability...

Reading scores on the SAT declined 1 point to 502 after a 5- point drop last year, the test's operator, the College Board, reported today. The decline in 2006 was the largest in three decades. Average math results fell 3 points to 515, and writing grades, 3 points to 494...

"numbers like this, which presumably paint a broader picture...seem to speak of a general decline.''

and here:

The bad news:

The Class of 2007 posted the lowest SAT averages in several years, according to scores released this morning. Scores from the second year of an expanded, three-section college-entrance test declined by double digits in Maryland and the District, by five points in Virginia and by seven points nationwide, compared with the previous graduating class.

These results are alarming, but what also makes them frustrating is that principals and teachers seem to be completely indifferent to this educational crisis, and instead, are exclusely obsessed with how much young girls weigh, and what they eat.

For heaven's sake, if the schools stopped being diet-pushers, and instead became knowledge-givers; if they stopped focussing on girls' waistlines, and instead started focussing on their minds; if they stopped measuring their weight, and started measuring their intelligence; then maybe the downward spiral would stop, and students would start getting a good education again.
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