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Default Re: School, students, and misplaced priorities

This really is terrible news. Not a day goes by when scare-mongering stories about nonexistent weight "epidemics" get churned out by the mass media, yet the falling SAT scores point to a real crisis, a real epidemic, impacting today's youth- but no one cares.

What kind of a society do we live in when schools try to bully young women into starving themselves, rather than encouraging students to develop their minds?

Why do educators think it's their job to make girls resent their naturally full figures, rather than giving students the education they need?

Teachers have the chance to enrich their students' lives forever, by introducing them to new ideas and information. Why would abandon this noble vocation, in favour of promoting senseless exercise-torture?

Are they trying to produce beasts of burden rather than independent thinkers?

Misplaced priorities is right.

I thought of this today, when the news was running about how sweet Caitlin Upton- the Miss Teen USA contestant- flubbed her answer to the question about why U.S. students are so bad at georgraphy. (The way the media browbeat her was unforgivable.) Her answer should have been, "It's because our schools think it's more important to have young women starving than learning."

Enough "gym" already. Let's put the students back in the classroom.
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