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Default Re: Pleasure is healthy; guilt unhealthy

A small but growing segment of journalists are breaking from the pack, and are acknowledging that being full-figured is actually healthy, while being malnourished is unhealthy.

Here's an op-ed piece from an Oklahoma newspaper:

It slams (as the author puts it) "the ‘crises du jour’ mentality of the special interest pressure groups that crank out apocalyptic scenarios on a regular basis in order to drum up publicity and donations"- which is very true.

After all, if the related weight-control industry (from diet-pushers to weight "researchers") admitted that their was no weight "problem" at all, their profits would dry up, and their research grants would be pulled. Ergo, they manufacture a non-existent "epidemic" to keep the money flowing.

The author entertainingly contrasts the ugliness of today's anorexic cult with timeless beauty:

I’ve got news for all you well-intentioned, thin-thinking, movie-starlet-lusting, anorexic fashion model-wannabes out on the left and right coasts: You are a bunch of sickos. This fixation on thinness that you’ve had since Twiggy is unhealthy. Grow up.

Here’s the skinny on f**ness: It’s God’s plan and always has been...

Look at the paintings of the Old Masters in all those European museums. Those naked, (the artsy word is ‘nude’), beauties would be laughed off the runway in New York or Paris or Milan today. But the artists back then knew curvy beauty when they saw it. They saved the half-starved peasant wenches for the scenes of Hell and the Apocalypse. To intrigue the wealthy patrons who paid their way, Peter Paul Rubens and all those other famous dead painters depicted wealthy, cultured, healthy women. Women of substance. Women who are called ‘Rubenesque’ still today for their full-figured sex appeal...

At last, people are beginning to see outside the present day and age. They are beginning to compare the timeless values of the past with the artificial values of the present, and are realizing that the values of the past were far superior- in every way.

The author also points out that, even though the medical-quack community is pushing starvation and exercise-torture as a quick-fix cure-all, being underweight is actually what damages women's health the most:

Here is another response to the ob***** scare: On January 1, 1998, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study on ob***** as a cause of premature mortality. There was a twist, though:

In commenting upon the study results, the Journal editorialized that ob***** was overemphasized as a public health problem. "The data linking overweight and death, as well as the data showing the beneficial effects of weight loss, are limited, fragmented and often ambiguous..."

“The standard Hollywood starlet weighs a mere 105 lbs, which certainly must be considered unhealthy by medical standards. Yet rather then discouraging women across the continent from taking a path toward an unhealthy body image, which can include such stops as arrhythmia, hypertension, heart disease and ultimately death, the medical field is actually prompting them to diet.”

As the writer concludes, "The conspiracy of thinness perpetuated by Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the diet industry and the national media must come to an end." It's time for young women to embrace their natural tendency towards being full-figured- which leads to a happier and healthier life (and enhances feminine beauty too).
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