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Default Re: Agency rejects size-0 model

Of course this is just tokenism - even if it's the right kind of tokenism. Historically, token change often precedes genuine, more substantial change. I'd like to believe that this is one of those situations, one of those times where token change anticipates real change - but I'm not optimistic.

The frustrating thing is that the underlying issue is still not being addressed: Our culture is in the hands of a small minority of like-minded individuals who worship emaciation (men who are not even attracted to women, and the small number of women who have adopted their aesthetic). This out-of-the-mainstream kabal controls the entire visual content of our culture, deciding what look is perpetually "in" (starving), and what looks is perpetually banned (voluptuous and beautiful). This aesthetic monopoly, this tyranny of taste (bad taste, toxic taste) is allowed to go on an on, without any check on it.

Why are they allowed to control the culture? Why are they allowed to have the final word? These are colossally dysfunctional personalities, often leading degenerate lifestyles, yet their decisions affect the lives of most of the young women in North America.

No one would want these people as leaders of anything. No one would surrender control to them over any aspect of our lives - and yet this is exactly what's happened. They have become the arbiters of our culture. It's absurd! Nothing about the culture that they create indicates that they have anyone's well-being in mind, or that they are steering our society in the right direction. Rather, they poison the minds of generations of girls - and everyone stands back and allows it, as if they have a God-given right to control the eyes of the world.

No other industry is allowed to tyrannize over society the way media/entertainment is. Their toxic influence is indisputable. It's time for this poisonous monopoly to end.
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