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Default Re: School, students, and misplaced priorities

It is also crucial for parents- mothers especially, since they have the most influence on young girls- to create a size-positive environment at home, especially to undo the damage that the school system and the media are doing to the body image of young women today.

An article I found online today echoes this point:

The writer describes the frightening case of a four-year-old who is already expressing a negative view of her body. She states that even if older generations of women have internalized a warped view of their figures, they have to avoid passing this on.

Some excerpts:

she already had started mimicking the body dissatisfaction that would be more common with the adults in her life - a mother, aunt or older sister...

Sadly, many of us are partly at fault. Our negative body image affects our younger sisters, nieces and daughters.

We need to be an example for our younger, more impressionable generation - because before you know it, they'll be echoing our negative sentiments...

In the meantime, I can only hope that four-year-old camper and her friends will come to understand what's more important at their age than weight obsession...
Parents must be careful to express only pro-plus sentiments in the company of their daughters, to break the thin-supremacist cycle once and for all.
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