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Default Weight gain beautifies the face (article)

A few years ago on the forum, someone posted about an article which revealed the truth about the devastating consequences of dieting, noting that "If you accelerate weight loss, you accelerate skin aging." That article also accompanied pictures of Hollywood's almost-plus starlets (such as Kate Winslet) with the caption "Fuller and fabulous: Softness in the face makes these stars glow"

This is all very true, of course. Starvation ruins the already minimal attractiveness of Hollywood celebs and makes them prematurely old and haggard-looking, forcing them to resort to grotesque methods of plastic surgery to hold on to their vanished looks. By contrast, weight gain is like a natural fountain of youth, allowing plus-size women to maintain or even augment their beauty.

But these facts are never, ever admitted by the fashion industry.

That's why I was intrigued when I came across another article along the same lines, the other day. Although it's blighted by mixed messages, it expresses some rarely-heard truths about the relationship between beauty and being well fed:

Most astonishing of all is the following statement, which almost made me think that the author was quoting The Judgment of Paris:

Women are meant to carry more body f** than men and that rounder, curvier baby-faced look is what attracts the opposite sex.

It's true, of course - completely true - but not something that you would ever expect the mass media to acknowledge.

The writer notes that weight loss destroys facial beauty, and, most radically of all, she admits that when a woman gains weight, she acquires a more youthful appearance:

Rachel Hunter...the ex-wife of Rod Stewart, has slammed Desperate Housewives' star Teri Hatcher's dramatic weight loss.

Rachel said: "As a woman gets older, she has to choose between her face and her bottom - I'd choose my face within two seconds.

"When women get too skinny, like Teri Hatcher, it shows on their faces and ages them."

And latest pictures of actress Renee Zellweger also reveal that if you lose weight too rapidly, then...your looks may suffer.

The Oscar winning star's bony shoulders and washed-out face makes her look years older than 38. It's a world away from her curves and youthful complexion after she put on two stone to play Bridget Jones in the smash-hit movie.

What poisons the article is the notion that there is some kind of trade off between facial beauty and bodily beauty. In fact, it has been well established that men prefer a curvier figure, so for women, weight gain is a win-win situation, creating a more desirable figure, and, as the above article notes, a more beautiful face.
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