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Default Re: Model "heavy and happy"

In fact, this model isn't the only one who feels this way.

According to a new article, based on a U.K. survey,

it's increasingly the case for society in general that full-figured women are happier than those punishing themselves with diet-starvation.

Here's the text:

Plump Women are the Happiest and Most Secure in Relationships

A new study has slammed the notion that f** and large women are not favored for courtships by finding that plump women are the happiest and most secure in relationships.

The poll, conducted by Debenhams, found that three out of five women over a size 14 felt no pressure to stay slim or go on a strict diet.

On the contrary, a quarter of size 14 and under felt sad and paranoid about their weight and relationships.

"It's refreshing to learn that so many curvy ladies are happy, the Mirror quoted a spokeswoman for Debenhams, as saying


It's hardly surprising. Fuller-figured women look at themselves in the mirror and know that they look better; plus, their significant others find them wildly beautiful.

And instead of wasting their time imprisoned in a gym, they are free to enjoy life to the fullest- eating whatever they like, and doing whatever makes them happy.
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