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Default Barbara: Holiday curves at Nordstrom

It's so wonderful to see Barbara modelling for Nordstrom again, just in time for the Holiday season. This image vividly demonstrates why she is the most gorgeous dress model in the world. No other goddess displays the kind of full, womanly silhouette that Barbara does. More than ever, Barbara remains "the most perfectly-proportioned model in the world":

I love the way the dress comes in, just a little, above the waist, and then swells outward at the waist and hips, suggesting Barbara's generous cuves. It also isn't too long, meaning that it displays the wearer's great legs (althoug they aren't shown in this picture).

If there's one thing that I appreciate about Nordstrom, it's that it offers reverse views of its dresses, which is essential when selecting halter styles. The ribbon tied at the back is a nice touch, although the back could have been cut a little lower.

I'm not overly fond of the colour and pattern, but Barbara makes it look so good that it's hard to resist.
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