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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday curves at Nordstrom

Those are both beautiful items and attractive images. But the dress that I really adore on Barbara is this one - a navy-blue halter style.

It shows off the model's shapely arms and decolletage, and is short enough to expose some leg. The sash is a wonderfully feminine touch. I adore this hairstyle on Barbara, by the way - a really attractive style that I've never seen on her before.

But the image that really shows off the allure of this dress is the reverse view:

Absolutely breathtaking. Any man in the world would faint if he saw Barbara looking this luscious, and fall under her spell as soon as he glimpsed the expanse of her figure revealed by this dress, with the soft curves along her back.

The genius of the halter style is that it employs the fullness of the wearer's own form as the greatest fashion accessory of all.
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