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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday curves at Nordstrom

Thinking of this thread, it occurred to me to add two more Nordstrom pictures. This dress was released a few months ago, and it was noted here at the time, but I think it deserves another mention, because these images further demonstrate how intensely sedecutive a halter style is on a goddess with a figure like Barbara's.

It's incredible how alluring she is in a halter dress. Underweight models look terrible in halter styles, because they expose their grotesquely jutting shoulder blades, making their backs look like those of famine victims. But on Barbara, one sees the gorgeous curves of her back, visibly full. No bones in sight -- just feminine softness.

Here you see how the dress contours outward below the waist, showing off the model's womanly proportions.

The point about a plus-size model's own body being her greatest fashion accessory is very true. The modern starvation standard either leaves women with no curves, or only with artificially-created busts. But well-fed beauties like Barbara have curves in every aspect of their figures, and the best plus-size designs are expressly tailored to show off their attractive shape.
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