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Default Thin stars "unsexiest women alive"

It isn't exactly a quality bit of journalism, but it's entertaining to see Maxim magazine (of all entities) display a modicum of good beauty sense for once, naming several ropy-musculed, androgynous-looking Hollywood stars the "unsexiest women alive."

They're mostly right.

Topping the list is Sarah Jessica Parker, and who can disagree? She has a severely oval, narrow, elongated face (the opposite of the round-faced timeless ideal), and a stick-thin figure. The fact that she has been proclaimed some sort of fashion "icon" indicates just how far the fashion industry's aesthetic sense is removed from actual public taste.

Second place goes to a singer named Amy Winehouse, whose skin is disfigured by repellent tattoos.

Fourth place goes to the grotesquely musculed Madonna. Such a pity what happened to her, because at the very beginning of her career, she had a soft, attractive figure. She may be the clearest example of how exercise-torture can utterly ruin any trace of beauty a woman ever possessed.

And third is Sandra Oh, who is apparently an actress on a TV show called Grey's Anatomy. Significantly, Maxim refers to her as:

Dr. McSkinny, with her cold bedside manner and boyish figure

That quote is quite revealing. With the exception of the fifth member of the list (Britney, who is wrongly included, and only there because it's fashionable to attack her), the list singles out celebrities who are clearly underweight, or who have masculinized figures.

This list is a truer representation of genuine public tastes than most such media lists ever are. Despite all of Hollywood's indoctrination, most people do not find starving or ropy-muscled celebrities attractive, and would prefer gorgeous full-figured starlets (if any ever achieved cultural prominence).
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