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Default Re: Thin stars "unsexiest women alive"

Originally Posted by dbround
The sad thing is that every day women are under pressure to look like Madonna, Sandra Oh and their ilk. And guess who is often doing the pressuring: other women. What's the first thing women talk about to each other? Dieting, who's losing weight, and who's gaining weight. And God forbid if you have one more cookie than they do. They think it's somehow virtuous to be starving, and they slander other women for gaining weight.

It's envy. Honestly, I think it is. At lunch with co-workers and acquaintances, my insistence on ordering dessert when I want it has provoked comments and questions like, "You're gonna eat all that?" from other women. My smiling reply, "Yes. Jealous?" is greeted either by silence from the taunter or a laughing admission -- and sometimes a request for "just a bite of that, please."

Originally Posted by dbround
I am trying my best to wake up from the skinny Matrix but it's a long uphill battle because every which way you have friends, relatives, etc. pressuring you to starve. (Not to mention doctors. Doctors are hysterical regarding BMIs.)

I've been inspired by this forum to see the weight-loss lie for what it is: a way to enslave people to feed the diet industry and keep it growing. But it's a hard fight.

This is an inspiring place. It's helped me, and I'm glad it's helping you. Keep fighting -- you and your beauty are worth it!
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