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Default Re: School, students, and misplaced priorities

Here's yet more distrurbing evidence of the misplaced priorities of schools today:

The opening headline:

One in 10 U.S. High Schools a “Dropout Factory”
October 30, 2007

Hundreds of American high schools are suffering from dropout rates of over 40 percent.

About 1,700 American high schools are “dropout factories,” according to data from the Department of Education. That’s 12 percent of U.S. secondary schools, more than one in ten. The data was analyzed by Johns Hopkins University and reported by the Associated Press.

There are many articles about this in the news. It's a genuinely shocking statistic.

This is at the same time that schools are sending home hate mail to parents of full-figured girls, actually telling them their daughters are supposedly "overweight."

How dare they? Clearly this statistic shows that the schools are miserably failing in their academic mission, and that they should be devoting 100% of their attention and efforts to trying to educate students, not ruining their body image and breeding a generation of slaves to the diet industry.
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