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Default Re: Thin stars "unsexiest women alive"

Originally Posted by Graham
Topping the list is Sarah Jessica Parker, and who can disagree?...This list is a truer representation of genuine public tastes than most such media lists ever are. Despite all of Hollywood's indoctrination, most people do not find starving or ropy-muscled celebrities attractive

So true. The remarkable thing about this list is that its conclusions are so very right, and yet it's an anomally. It's a unique example of the media judging its own standards correctly, and discovering how dismal they really are.

Anyone stepping into this century from another time would be appalled at the unattractive, underweight women whom the media calls "beautiful." They wouldn't be able to understand this phenomenon. Their "unsexiest women alive" list would match this one.

The funny thing is that you can itemize, point for point, just how hideous the Sarah Jessica Parker look is. The ideal feminine face is round - hers is narrow and elongaged ("horsey-looking"). The ideal nose is small and cute (think Christina or Kailee) - hers looks like a boxer's. The ideal figure is soft and curvy - hers is androgynously skeletal and ropy-musculed. She has a lantern jaw like a male comic-book character. And women are brainwashed into pursuing this as an ideal?

It's like someone took the blinders off, and saw the media world (and the women who star in it) for the very first time.
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