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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday curves at Nordstrom

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
No other goddess displays the kind of full, womanly silhouette that Barbara does. More than ever, Barbara remains "the most perfectly-proportioned model in the world"

There is so much truth to this. While other models have tragically diminished themselves, Barbara has remained consistently curvaceous - and gorgeous.

Here is a new image that shows how irreplaceable she is. Her beauty is simply astounding. I love the size-positive detail of showing her soft curves beside her arm. Natural traits like these are exactly what make plussize models so lovely, so much more womanly than the plastic/synthentic skinniess of minus-size fashion.

Beautiful hairstyle on Barbara too. And I like the colour of the outfit - "sage brush", a very natural shade. The outfit looks very comforable for lounging at home - and yet, as a tank top, it is also very sexy.

You can get it with a cardigan too. Theres a link to that piece from the product page:
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