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Default Re: ANOTHER model starves to death

Designers say...rules and punishments would only stifle creativity.

This has to be the most disgusting excuse the fashion industry could use to keep excluding naturally-proportioned womanly beauty, and to maintain its poisonous emaciated standard. The thinking is utterly sociopathic: "My creativity is more important than women's lives" is what they are saying.

How can any human being be so devoid of basic ethics as to think this way? Why does society allow individuals who are so pathologically self-absorbed to control culture? It's unbelievable. The causing of human death is still a criminal act. Or does society think that fashion stands above that?

I can't understand how this industry is allowed to continue to operate without any regulation. How is this any different from the production of foodstuffs laced with e-coli bacteria, or children's toys covered in fatal lead paint? The end result is the same.

How many must die before someone recognizes this crisis?

The trouble is, everyone keeps conceiving of "the industry" as some sort of depersonalized entity, like a corportation, leaving individual operatives insulated. But the blame for the continuation of this lethal standard must apply to every single specific designer, specific editor, specific photographer, and every other individual who is in a position to decide models' sizes. Not a one should be allowed to continue mandating what is obviously a danger to human life.

And besides, if these designers lack the "creativity" to design for actual human figures rather than for wire hangers, they should get out of the business and make room for designers whose "creativity" isn't so limited.
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