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Default Re: The MODE Interview

What a wonderful interview. It was fascinating to learn so much about Mode, which was always my favourite magazine. I like how the discussion goes point by point through all of the things that made Mode so special -- the specific decisions that made it utterly perfect.

Looking at those beautiful pictures, it's astonishing to see, yet again, how gorgeous Shannon Marie is. She has the face of an angel, more than any other model I've ever seen (at any size), but she also has so much vivacity in her pictures. You can feel the wit and the vibrant personality behind those dreamy eyes.

The interview definitely reveals why the magazine worked so well. I found Ms. Weston's comments about working with recalcitrant photographers especially important:

It was, like, "You know what? She's too thin. The pictures that you did are too thin, and your mission, as we sent you out to do these pictures, was not to make her look thin."
[F]or a little bit, we had these terrible people who were booking, or who were styling, and we just said, "No, no, no, no. Thatís not what we do here. We donít make people look thinner."
we had photographers, we had hair-and-makeup people, who sometimes just needed to leave the set... because they just didn't get it. And [we said to them] "Guess what? You need to not be here with us, because we will not have any girl feel bad about herself."

You do need qualified professionals for such a magazine, but you also need someone with a guiding hand above them, defending the curvy aesthetic, and making sure that the models really are plus, and really look plus. Otherwise, it's all pointless, and it becomes just another magazine supporting the underweight standard rather than challenging it and overturning it.

I miss Mode so much. What wouldn't I give for it to return...
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