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Default Re: The MODE Interview

I loved learning more about my all-time-favorite magazine, especially how it all came about.

Not only is Shannon Marie breathtakingly beautiful, but my God, she has the most perfect complexion of anyone I've ever seen. Mode came out before the digital revolution, so Shannon Marie's perfect skin is the real thing, an honest-to-goodness miracle. It's like Michele says in the interview, "God just didn't create a million of them." In this case, he created only one. It would be amazing if Shannon Marie ever came back to modelling.

My favourite quote from the article is when Michele says of the models:

The more curves and the more size they had, the more fun it was.
That's so true! It was more fun for the models themselves, and more fun for the readers. The magazine was about fun- about pure joie de vivre. I think it's why readers loved Mode's models so much. The models and the readers were bound together in a kind of mutual enjoyment of life and all of life's pleasures. In the pictures, the models were saying, "I can have whatever I want and still be beautiful, and so can you."

By contrast, what is straight-size fashion (and its waif-filled magazines) about, but mutual suffering- suffering and guilt. The models are starving, the readers are starving, and what the heck for?

Mode was fun- it was about having fun, and it was fun to read- and that sense of fun is something no other magazine ever had. It's one of the main reasons why everybody loved it.
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