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Default Bond girl Shannon Marie

I've always been enraptured with Shannon Marie's beauty, and she became even lovelier as her career progressed, but I forgot how exciting her early, Bond-inspired "Spy Girls" layout was. She looks like a bona fide Bond girl, out of one of the classic Sean Connery films, like Thunderball. The original Bond girls were dynamic, but they also had a very soft, feminine beauty (think Ursula Andress in Dr. No), to contrast with the toughness of 007. Shannon Marie has that, but she's even more gorgeous than any Bond girl.

It just goes to show that a model doesn't need to look "edgy" (ugly) to do an "editorial look." Exciting editorial can even better be achieved with a glamorous model. Count on MODE to do something so unique and captivating.

I too appreciate Ms. Weston's candour. She was refreshingly honest in her responses, even in this exchange, where one might have expected a little fudging.

HSG: Was beauty an active criterion in selecting the models for MODE?

MICHELE: You always look for beauty. They’re models. I mean, they are models. And this is what a lot of women don’t understand today...You know, being a model, or a supermodel, to that degree, is a freak of nature...There is a standard. Even in the plus-size world.

HSG: Even? Especially.

Instead of some politically-correct platitude, Ms. Weston tells it like it is - yes, plus-size models need to be as beautiful as possible. And of course she's absolutely right. It's vital for plus-size models to be as photogenic as possible (to be more gorgeous than any minus-size models), to overturn media-generated "dumpy, frumpy" stereotypes foisted on plus-size women.

No one could look at the pictures in that interview and deny that full-figured models are absolutely gorgeous.
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