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Default The MODE difference

I understand the references to Vogue and Elle in terms of aesthetic quality, but such comparisons are misleading, and do a disservice to Mode, because Mode was far superior.

What was important about Mode was how unlike those magazines it was, how different it was.

Yes, Mode was comparable in terms of photographic quality, but its message was positive rather than negative. Whereas those magazines are a societal blight, a poison, ruining the body image of young women, Mode was the antidote, undoing the damage that those magazines did.

Anorex-chic magazines are the disease, and Mode was the cure.

For that reason I am against seeing plussize models in in straight-size magazines at all, because in those cases, full-figured beauty is being robbed of its subversive power, and worse, it is being co-opted to further suffering - to spread diet mania, to sell the myth that starvation is somehow attractive.

Mode did the opposite. It used the power of glamorous photography for good, not for harm. It was the fashion anti-magazine.

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Whatever difficulties there may be in creating a new publication for plussize girls, at least this inteview, with its extensive collection of scans, and thorough examination of Modes tone and content, provides a clear recipe for how to create another ideal magazine - another publication that will undo the harm that anorexic fashion does to young women.
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