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Default Re: Karen Vermeiren in KnipXL

Pity the dresses are so matronly, as Karen is a sexy, young, fresh model, and has such a luscious figure. I do agree that the first picture is eye-popping. The cut of the dress frames her soft features and draws attention to them.

Speaking of her ZJ campaign, there's a nice little treat for Karen fans at the official site of Ballgroup, the company that owns If you click on the homepage, you'll see an animation of Karen walking out in a ZJ outfit. A few other models follow her, but Karen is first, prettiest and curviest, and has the most attitude. Her red legging draw attention to her full, shapely legs.

I love the way she walks, very smoothly, sinuously, and gracefully, as true plus-size goddesses do. I'd LOVE to see her on the runway someday...
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