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Default Kelsey: New Torrid images

How wonderful to see Kelsey back at Torrid. She really is the Chloe Agnew of modelling (or is Chloe the Kelsey Olson of classical music?), with such fair skin, golden hair, and baby-blue eyes.

Here are some of her new images. First, a cute "mint" lace top. I love this colour on Kelsey (who always looks adorable in pastels):

A couple of very cute print tees. Use the "close up" view to read more about the print's artist. His design makes me smile, and Kelsey is the perfect model for it:

Here's the other:

Her snowy complexion takes my breath away. Oh, and there are also a couple of new jackets; one in velvet:

For more, browse through

Kelsey always looks like a storybook princess when she models for their site...
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