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Default Re: Christina Schmidt VIDEO

WOW. You can tell that this is "home turf" for Christina. She works the camera brilliantly. So many of the models in their videos look uneasy and apprehensive, even uncomfortable, like it's new territory for them, but Christina makes it seem effortless. This should be a lesson in how to make a perfect promo clip.

The lingerie section is the best, and shows an aspect of Christina's talent I never knew she had. I've never seen any plus-size model be flirtatious in quite that way- yes, very much like a Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, with those "You know I'm delicious" looks.

If there's any plus-size model who could thrive in those genres (which no plus-size model have ever explored) Christina is the one. She has the sexiness, the attitude, the glamorous beauty- everything.
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