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Default Re: Ashley Marie Greiner

Shes a cute girl. Its hard to find any current pictures online, although I came across this thumbnail:

When she appears on the show, she is very pretty.

I remembered her name when I stumbled across the following interesting bit of info the other day. The show on which Ashley appears will be doing a special "Victorian Christmas" episode

Says the article:

As the World Turns will be airing a very special stand-alone episode that features the entire cast as they might have appeared during the the Victorian era.

Its an intriguing idea. The question is, how authentic will it be? Will it also adopt Victorian standards of behaviour - politeness, gentility, refinement?

Whats interesting is that while the Ashleys character struggles with an eating disorder on the show, in the Victorian era her cherubic looks would have been considered ideally beautiful, especially for a child or young girl. I wonder if the show will acknowledge this?

Faith, played by Ashley Marie Greiner, will be in a little dress with a vintage pattern.

I might have to tune in, just to see how it turns out. For my money, I think all television shows would be improved if they were permanently set in the Victorian era, and embodied the healthier values of those times, in lieu of the vulgarity of modern pop culture.
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