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Default Re: Karen Vermeiren in KnipXL

Ms. Vermeiren also appears in a fine ad in the current (Winter 2007) issue of Big is Beautiful magazine. The ad copy is somewhat obnoxious, but the image is gorgeous. "Winter wear" is probably the most challenging attire for any girl to model, the hardest in which to appear beautiful, since it generally eliminates all body shape. But Karen's facial features are so lovely, her expression so winning, her demeanour so delightful, that the beauty of the picture cannot be denied. With her long brunette hair spread loosely over her shoulders, and a merry glint in her eyes, this is one of the most appealing images of the winter season, and brings a touch of warmth to even the coldest heart.

It takes an exceptionally attractive model to make a winter ad memorable, and Karen certainly succeeds.

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