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Default Charlotte Coyle on TV in New Zealand

Now, this is encouraging to see.

Charlotte Coyle's beauty contest for full-figured women aired to 1.3 million viewers in the U.K., and also in Belgium and the Scandinavian countries.

And now, tomorrow, it will be broadcast in primetime in New Zealand, on that nation's main channel, TV ONE.

Here's the page with the info:

This is a wonderful development. After her show aired in Britain, the Web was filled with comments from viewers who admitted that although they never believed that full-figured women could be attractive, they were forced to change their minds when they saw the stunningly beautiful Ms. Coyle on television.

The more people see Charlotte (perhaps the most gorgeous plus-sizem model of all), the more will acknowledge the superiority of plus-size beauty, and will reject media stereotypes and thin-supremacist brainwashing.

I hope the show draws as large an audience in New Zealand as it did in Europe, and that it will continue to make its way around the world.
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