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Default Re: The MODE Interview

Wow, the interview with Michele is fantastic. It brought back memories of how brilliant Mode used to be. Over in England, I first came across it as my newsagent had been sent a copy. It was so relevant, being a plus-size myself. I would re-read it until the new copy came out. Michele's articles really helped me; the "form and function" articles were most useful.

I agree with Michele regarding the money issue. I have seen articles featuring the cost involved with launching a magazine in England. If I ever win the lottery, I would set one up.

Mode was the most fantastic mag ever, informative, esteem-enhancing, and it did actually feature models that most women could relate to. I will have to go back to it. Thank you indeed to Michele. I read you book often, and thanks for setting up a brilliant interview.

Merry Christmas to you all.
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