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Default Re: Ashley Marie Greiner

I actually watched this episode; perhaps the first and last time in my life I'll ever tune in to a soap opera. It was better than I expected. The premise was clever - a Victorian-style doll's house "comes to life" (like the Nutcracker in Tschaikowsky's ballet), and the characters in the show play the animated dolls, in full Victorian guise, with contemporary manners and sensibilities.

Unfortunately, Faith (Ashley Marie Greiner's character) only appeared in the Victorian segment for a brief moment, but she starred in the framing sequence, and she is indeed very pretty.

What I found especially interesting were the costumes and the sets, which were beautiful and felt surprisingly authentic, considering the constraints of daytime TV. CBS has a "making of" video about the episode that's worth a look:

As I was watching the show today, I couldn't help but think how perfect it would be if plus-size models were to appear in an ad campaign or editorial layout in this style. The "making of" video is very informative in that respect, as it explains the work of the show's crew in making such a period piece come to life.

CBS also offers a couple of "making of" slideshows:
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